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Serrated Shade was created out of necessity.  On our farm we recently converted over 300 acres of row crop ground into rotational grazing, this left us with minimal shade in our new pastures. To protect our cattle, we created our Portable Livestock Shade to help keep them out of the worst summer heat. 

Creating Serrated Shade

Our first prototype model was introduced into our grazing herds the summer of 2022.  It took almost no time at all for the cattle to become accustomed to using their portable shade.  We quickly learned if we wanted to continue to use portable shade - we would need to greatly expand the amount of shade produced by one structure. This is how our production model OBSIDIAN came to be. 

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Meet the Team


Building Obsidian

After learning our first prototype wouldn't be large enough, we returned to the drawing board. Starting back at the beginning, we developed our patent pending production model OBSIDIAN


We purposefully build our Portable Livestock Shade to be heavy duty. This ensures they can withstand the high stress of everyday life on the farm. Even though they are durable, they are still light weight enough to be easily moved with just the help of a UTV or ATV. 


Over 100 hrs of meticulous welding and fabrication go into the production of just one of our Portable Livestock Shades 

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